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CHEF Natacha Supplice Henry


Since 2013, Chef Natacha Supplice Henry -ICanCook2- practices with passion her art of cooking in North America.

From Montréal to New York, she makes her clients travel through fresh and exotic flavors. 

Icancook2 was born on April 2013 in Montréal, Canada.


      Haitian origins, Natacha grew up in the cooking environment.  After followed her mom, Jacqueline Desrosiers, in kitchen, as child and teenager, Natacha learned traditional Caribbean cooking techniques and spice combinations. This was the influence for her to continue to expand her culinary repertoire with a variety of courses and exposures to different cooking methods.

After a few cooking classes and travel to people houses to see how they cook, she decided to put her passion into practice by creating traditional and unique meals.

    I started Icancook2 to share my passion for Haitian food to the world.

      Natacha was inspired to start Icancook2 because she saw a lack of creole restaurants in the fine-dining landscape and felt strongly about marketing Haitien food accessible.

In order to prepare for her own endeavor, she began by serving friends and family.

After several years of learning the ins and outs , picking up tips and tricks to make my system complete, Chef Natacha S. Henry decided to launch her own business and to start to offer her services to real customers.

      The first two years of business, Chef Natacha earned a strong customers base through the city of Montréal.

From private kitchens to big events, she got a good reputation that allowed her to be sought and found in any events and food festivals. 

      After growing the company in Montreal, Natacha has made ​​a big decision : moving to New York City !

A few hours from Montreal , the big apple reserves a special place for the Chef.

It all began in my Mom kitchen ...

Chef  Tacha S Henry & her mom, Jacqueline Desrosiers

I want to eat my part of the apple !

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